Saturday, November 02, 2019

Still Holding On

When I was recently picking up a Risky Business record from Discogs, I figured that I'd check to see what else the seller had available...and soon, I had my card loaded up with a few cheap 7 inch records.

The first Rancor 7 inch is one of my favorites from Youngblood, however, I only have two copies of it in my collection. I'm not sure why I never made a serious run to pick these up ten years ago when I was more obsessed with buying multiple pressings for my favorite hardcore bands...probably because I was wasting my time with Agnostic Front reissues from Bridge Nine and bullshit like that...either way, this Rancor record rules, and I'm excited to finally add my first piece of colored vinyl to the collection for it. Given how much I like this record, the $3 price tag was a steal.

500 pressed on green vinyl for the second pressing.

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