Friday, October 11, 2019

Glow In The Dark Thieves

My collection for Police & Thieves is damn strong. Colored vinyl and test pressings...yeah, I have them. There may be only one or two records that I'm missing, and the biggest hole was the record release pressing for the first 7 inch. When I saw one pop up on Discogs for four dollars, I didn't hesitate to finally grab a copy.

The record release pressing of this 7 inch comes with a special cover that was made with glow in the dark ink. The bright yellow ink on the white stock makes it a bit hard on the eyes, and I'm assuming that there is shelf life for this ink because this copy doesn't seem to glow in the dark anymore.

It has been a while since I've listened to Police & Thieves, and picking up this 7 inch was a nice reminder of how much I really love this band.

Number 16 out of only 50 made for the record release. Damn, with all those leading zeros, you'd think there were hundreds of thousands pressed. Also, my copy seems to be missing the magnifying glass that I'm going to need to read that lyric sheet.


mcs said...

I have this on my discogs want list. Recently it appeared for sale, so I went to add it to the cart, but it was already gone.

Shame this one doesn't actually glow in the dark. Maybe it's a good excuse for you to buy another one...

Mike said...

I must have grabbed it off Discogs before you got it. I still have it on my Discogs want list to see if I can get a second one before I want to see if there is an variation with the covers.