Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Admiral Sir Greasy Shovell

Rise Above may be known for their Doom bands, but when Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell comes around, you better be ready to party. Their brand of punked up Rock n Roll is gonna make you move.

A new album from The Shovell is definitely something to get excited over. With a new 7 inch released earlier this year, I wasn't expecting a full length follow up so quickly. As soon as pre-orders went up, I was quickly catching a preview of the album, and then dumping money into the Rise Above webstore.

Top notch packaging from the band again. Love the look of the Birdman theme on their record covers. I just wish that Rise Above didn't slap their logo sticker across the front of Keep It Greasy and ruin the full aesthetic.

The Die Hard pressing from Rise Above comes with a bonus 7 inch, so you know that was really the only way to go when ordering.

150 pressed on clear vinyl.

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