Friday, November 11, 2016

Big Lizard

This year has been a strange trip. I've been in a completely different musical mindset compared to the past few years, and it has led to some vinyl purchases that have surprised me with how much of a charge I've gotten from adding them to the collection. The power of nostalgia.

I was having a blast diving back into the catalogs of Big Black and early Butthole Surfers, and it got me thinking about what other oddball bands I was head over heals with at the time. Another band that I had fun revisiting was The Dead Milkmen...and while Big Lizard In My Back Yard never goes out of style, it had been years since I'd bothered with Eat Your Paisley and Bucky Fellini. Man, it was a blast to spin these songs again. When the obsession took me to the internet to find some vinyl, my first stop had to be the classic first album.

Catchy as hell, silly, and totally infectious. "Go kill a cop, and drink 'til you drop, baby that's my advice".

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