Monday, September 01, 2014

All For Megaforce

A couple months ago, the backlog on this blog was almost cleaned up. I probably had 3 or 4 records in the queue to blog about, and was feeling like I was on top of things. Then I got too comfortable. I slacked off on the number of posts I was putting up here, and before I knew it, my pile of incoming records grew. Sitting here today, the backlog is back to over 20 posts. Seems I can't take my foot off the gas for a second.

I was torn when it came to collecting Raven. On the one hand, I wanted to collect the original UK pressings on Neat, but since I've been working on my Megaforce silver label collection, I knew which one was going to win out for All For One. I suppose if I ever get to the point of building up a Neat collection, I guess I'll add an additional copy of this one.

While I enjoy most of Raven's stuff, this third album would be considered one of their last great classics. "Solid as a rock with swords in the air"!

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