Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Change Record Release

Back in October, with their plans of a record release show cancelled due to Covid, Change instead decided to host a live event to raise awareness on the issue of violence against native women. At the start of the event, the band made available a "record release" pressing of their album, and all money made from these sales went straight to the charity. In addition, Change had set up a raffle that gave a handful of winners the chance to select their choice of available test pressings that had been donated. I laid down the money for five raffle tickets, and was hoping to score.
When October 8th rolled around, I completely spaced on the "record release" event. I had gone out for some pizza with my wife, and had forgotten all about it. I was sitting in my car after dinner and received a few messages from Marcus about it, when I suddenly remembered that the special pressing was going to be available. I jumped to the webpage for the event but the record had already sold out... and then I ended up not winning a raffle test press during the live announcement. Fuck me. Thankfully Marcus, scooped an extra record, and as I was crying about having dropped the ball, he mentioned that I could take his second copy. So grateful that I don't need think about tracking down an overpriced copy on Discogs.
The record release cover for this looks great. The front cover is a nice tribute to Ron Brotherhood who passed away from cancer in 2019, and is an illustrated recreation of a photo of some dude name Rich Jacobs, who ran Skate Edge Records and released the Brotherhood 7 inch. Nice and unique cover.
The only problem is that somewhere along the way, some clown managed to accidently take a razor to the front of this, slicing the plastic sleeve and leaving a faint score mark down the front cover. While you can barely see it, it will still haunt me until I die.
Number 75 of 90 for the record release version.

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