Saturday, March 06, 2021

Push It To The Edge

Technically I could have included this one in my Cheap 7 Inch Haul series from a couple weeks back, but it was something that I picked up outside of that shopping spree, and I had to draw the line somewhere to end that series of posts... still, at $5 this one fit the theme.
I love Justice. At one point in time, I was really more focused on their early stuff, and I found the stuff after the Elephant Skin record to be a bit dull, but these days, I'm more inclined to reach for Escapades or Live And Learn. Either way, I'm always interested in growing my small Justice collection, even if I rarely focus long enough to throw the money needed to grab some of their more limited pressings.
I've never owned the Up And Down 7 inch, and when I saw the Lockin' Out pressing available for cheap, I scooped it up. These songs ended up on the Escapades record, but the recording sounds a bit raw here. I like it... and now I really want to chase all the Powered Records pressings and special covers.

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