Monday, March 04, 2019

Night Moves

A few years ago, we lost a member of our family, and when all was said and done, I ended up with his small record collection. I took it home, and spent some time flipping through it...deciding what I might want to keep, and what was most likely going to end up getting dropped at the nearest Goodwill. While the majority of Steve's albums weren't of any interest to me, there were a small handful that I was excited to add to the collection, and I blogged about these back in 2017 and early 2018...and then there was a small stack that I wasn't overly excited over, but I still felt the need to hang on to them anyway. These records have just been sitting around gathering dust in the corner, but I recently dropped a couple of them onto my turntable, so let's get them up on the blog, so I can finally stick them on the shelves and officially make them part of the collection.

I love the early Bob Seger records, but I haven't been too excited to get into his later 70's-era stuff when he added in the Silver Bullet Band. Still, Steve had a couple of those albums, and so I finally decided to give them a shot.

Night Moves was the first album with the Silver Bullet Band in '76, and I regret ignoring it for so long. Pay no attention to the beautifully feathered hair and giant mustaches, this record is full of 70's rock hits. Great stuff.

The cover for Against The Wind is so balls deep in 70's cheese with that horse artwork and the cursive script for the band name, and then the album starts with The Horizontal Bop with those saxophones, and you are reminded of Huey Lewis And The News, and you know that Seger has moved into the 80's here. Things start off a little cringe worthy with that opening song, but once the songs started flowing, I was surprised to find that I was kind of digging the record. Not too bad.

While things weren't too exciting with these records, I still enjoy them, and I'll happily add them to the collection.

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