Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Searchin' For The Light

Admittedly, I find myself struggling to keep in touch with what is going on in the Hardcore scene. However, even with my "old man" status, I'd still heard about the band Search. That is really not saying much, as you would have to be living with undiscovered tribes in Africa to have not heard about this band. Featuring members of Mouthpiece, Floorpunch, and Turning Point, it would be difficult to avoid all news about this latest Hardcore supergroup.

Expectations were high when this record finally arrived. For someone that has committed to focusing on picking up more classic vinyl releases, and avoiding the trap of multiple pressings of current records, I guess it says something about my high hopes when I ordered the vinyl on both available colors.

The record itself does not disappoint. I know we are only two months into 2017, but this is already a strong contender for my favorite Hardcore release of the year. Flawless.

280 on coke bottle clear, and 700 pressed on blue vinyl. The clock is ticking on when REV will throw another pressing up in the store.

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