Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Golden Vision

I'm definitely out of touch with what is cool in the Hardcore world. When I started seeing pictures of some record from a band called True Vision on Instagram and record nerd blogs, I was clueless. Who was this new band out of the UK? Didn't know...didn't care...until I saw Marcus and Chris start to blog about their new 7 inch, Against The Grain, from Quality Control HQ. Okay...if those two are excited over it, maybe I should check it out.

Looking to avoid overseas shipping from Quality Control, I hit up Painkiller for the US pressing. I'm not sure when this record was first available to order, but Chris included a link to the Painkiller store in his blog post. I was surprised to see the gold vinyl pressing was still available, so I jumped on it.

110 pressed on gold.

Apparently True Vision has ties to Violent Reaction, and it shows in the songs they deliver, 'cause this thing rips.

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