Sunday, February 12, 2017

Worship At The Crossover Ministry

For a band that initially seemed like a side project for a couple of the Municipal Waste guys, I'm pleasantly surprised to see Iron Reagan still out there thrashing hard with the best of them. Five years in with three albums, a few EPs, and a total of 87 songs...I guess it is safe to say that Iron Reagan are more serious than a side project.

Iron Reagan keep doing what they do best with Crossover Ministry. Great crossover thrash, and videos like Fuck The Neighbors are fun to watch.

Relapse Records goes bold with their colored vinyl options. Bright yellow with hot pink, orange and blue splatter. Damn. That is a gross looking combo...but you know, for me, it works here. Completely over the top, just like Iron Reagan.

When ordering the record, Relapse had a "prayer candle" preorder package available. Of course I had to have it. Light it up and say a prayer for this old man, I'm hitting the mosh pit.

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