Sunday, March 19, 2017

How Gold Can Punk Get

It took me the longest time to finally check out Bad Brains' Rock For Light album. My introduction to the band was through the Attitude CD that In-Effect released back in '89. There was no internet in those days, so my information on the band and their discography was really limited. When I discovered that the Bad Brains had another album called Rock For Light, I checked the packaging and saw the song list...what the hell...I already knew some of these songs. I was not spending my hard earned money on an album where I already knew some of the songs already. I was an idiot.

Around 20 years later, with the help of the internet and illegal downloads, I finally jumped in to check out that Rock For Light album that I was initially so quick to dismiss...and now, after sitting with these songs for 7 years, I'm finally getting around to grabbing a copy of the vinyl. I might be slow, but I do get there eventually.

When it came time to chase down the vinyl, originally I had the original PVC pressing in my sights. My motto recently seems to have been, "If it ain't an original press, it ain't shit", and that's where I started with Rock For Light, but sometimes shit is hard, yo.

Tracking down the PVC pressing turned out to be rather stressful for me. Copies were either too beat up for my tastes, had an ugly promo cut corner, were missing the insert, or just cost more than I was willing to dive in for. After following eBay and discogs for a while, I finally just couldn't take it anymore. I threw up my hands in defeat and decided to make a run at the pressing that looked the best...the Caroline pressing on gold from '91.

Feels great to finally have this classic in the collection.


Willem RWHAF said...

I've been wanting to get this also. No matter what color. Why did you need downloads before getting this on vinyl? Such a classic, there should be no doubt about that. I have some regular black vinyl titles of Bad Brains, ROIR still stand out for me.

Mike said...

I download a lot of stuff, so I've got digital files for my ipod...or back then, I was burning the files to a CD to listen to at work or in the car. Plus, I buy a lot of records, and I don't always want to wait until I have the chance to get the vinyl, and I'll just download it until I finally can buy a copy. Definite classic though.

mcs said...

Looks really nice on this colour. Would you believe I have never heard any Bad Brains except for the first one?

Mike said...

I was the same way for a long time, Marcus. If you check out this one, you will not be disappointed.