Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Gods Of Violence

When it comes to Metal, I'm a sucker for the older bands that are still out there thrashing. When those bands from my angry teen years, step up with a new album, I'll throw on the denim and spikes, and look forward to it's release with eager anticipation. I'm a nostalgic old fool, but as long as they bring the energy, I'll keep buying the records.

Kreator album covers are typically bad ass, and with Gods Of Violence, they do not disappoint. Horns, skulls, upside down crosses...the perfect ingredients for some killer cover art. Sure it is a little reminiscent, of South Of Heaven, but it's all good.

I was interested in checking out the album with the album art alone...but then they released the first video for the title track, Gods Of Violence. The song was a ripper, and the video included some kind of satanic blood ceremony, complete with an all female orgy and lots of boobs. I was sold, and immediately pre-ordered the vinyl.

While their last album, Phantom Antichrist, took some time to grow on me, this new one immediately set its hooks. Great stuff.

500 copies pressed on red and black split colored vinyl. I was surprised to find my copy arrive with an autographed poster.

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