Friday, September 30, 2016

Stuck in '96: Part 5 - Shoulder

When I set out on my mission to buy a bunch of vinyl from '96, little did I realize that most of what I would end up chasing were records that I'd never even heard. Such is the case with this Shoulder 7 inch.

Prior to this 1996 endeavor, my only knowledge of Shoulder was that split that they did on Moo Cow with Morning Again. As I was settling into my playlist one day, Flower Drum Song started playing after the Sense Field's Building album. Being the only Shoulder song in my library, I'd kind of forgotten all about this band...but hearing that song again reminded me how great it was. It got me wondering if the band had released anything besides that split, and a quick trip to Discogs steered me in the direction of a two song 7 inch that they also released that year.

I wanted to preview the songs before investing my full $6 in this record, but with only a couple of low quality live vids on youtube, I took the plunge, and bought it. Well worth the money spent, as these two songs are fantastic slabs of 90's Hardcore.


chris said...

Never heard of these guys. Now I must investigate.

Mike said...

If you like the 90's, you will like this. Check the Flower Drum Song I linked in the post.

mcs said...

I have a full length called 'Touch'. It's on clear vinyl and is a pretty damn good record.