Saturday, October 01, 2016

Stuck in '96: Part 6 - Ensign

The final piece in my 1996 spending spree.

When I started this obsession, I was surprised at how many pieces of vinyl I didn't own for this time period. For the most part, if it was released on CD, that was my format of choice. So on my mission to right past wrongs, I expected to sweep through eBay and Discogs, and pull in a solid number of records. Much to my surprise, I found that people seemed to be holding on tight to their vinyl, and I ended up adding more to my Discogs Want List than I actually purchased. In the end, all I had to show from my shopping spree was a handful of cheap 7 inch EPs.

Ensign were one of those bands that seemed huge back in 96/97. I remember seeing them at The Middle East in Boston, and everyone just went off for them. But some time around their second album, people just stopped giving a shit....or maybe it was just me. As time went on, I kinda stopped paying attention to Ensign, and I forgot how good they once were. Revisiting this first 7 inch was a great wake up call. Man, this thing is great.

I could have gone with the more limited pressing on grey vinyl, but the blue looked too good to pass up, so I went with that one.

449 pressed on blue.

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