Friday, October 07, 2016

Doomed Wretch

My previous post was for the new Sabaton record. Uplifting with their melody and positive energy. For this post, we have the debut from Wretch...which is the exact opposite. Heavy and crushing with their Doom. Don't you dare smile...don't you fucking dare.

You will find nothing "nice" here. Nothing to brighten your day. This is Karl Simon exorcising some demons after the collapse of The Gates Of Slumber in the wake of the death of his band mate, Jason McCash. This is the end result of of that pain and loss. This is raw emotion. This is Doom.

I was a big fan of The Gates Of Slumber, so I was looking forward to what Karl and company would deliver with Wretch. As soon as preorders went up over at Bad Omen, I was in to get the limited pressing.

Only 80 pressed on white vinyl.

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