Thursday, September 29, 2016

Stuck in '96: Part 4 - Sparkmarker

While technically, their cooler shit was from the early 90's, listening to all these '96 records, it put me in the mood for some Sparkmarker. Since I only own their stuff on CD, I was checking their list of 7 inch records on Discogs. When I noticed they had release in 1996...boom, automatic purchase to fit the theme.

This two song 7 inch was Sparkmarker's only Sub Pop release, and in typical 90's fashion, the packaging is unique and top notch. With the plain white embossed sleeve, and the fold out back cover with the lyrics and photos printed on the tabs, this thing looks great. While both songs here, Sawed-Off But Silent and 2:20 ended up on Sparkmarker's next album, the presentation here was too cool to pass the less than $3.00 price tag helped make a good argument for grabbing this as well.

Inserting a condom, and safe sex pamphlets, in with your record is so mid-90's. Thankfully the previous owner preferred the natural feel, and kept the full packaging intact. This thing is probably still good to use, right?

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