Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Youngblood Thinner

I recently had my eye on some Worn Thin vinyl on eBay. I figured that kids today might not have this band on their radar, and for a second, I gave though to providing a wake up call and posting the auctions on Vinyl Noize.

Whoa! Slow down a second. I need some of this shit. I hoped that maybe I could make a run at some of them, and help build up my anemic Youngblood collection for cheap. In the end, I found myself finishing off my collection of the Remnants 7 inch.

First up is the regular white vinyl press from the second pressing. Limited to 362.

A steal at 99 cents.

The next 99 cent deal on deck is the tour press on white vinyl. This one comes with the special tour lyric sheet.

As another way to differentiate the white vinyl pressings, the dust sleeve for the tour press is also stamped and numbered. 126 out of 138.

The heavy hitter out of this bunch is the record release pressing on clear vinyl with the special vellum cover. This one was for high rollers only...winning bid...$8.

The vellum cover lays nicely over the inside cover that was stamped and numbered for the record release.

Number 31 out of 100.

I started pulling out my Worn Thin 7 inches to see where the collection stood and figured that I'd snap a group photo. Youngblood 7 inch is complete, but I have no idea what may be missing for the self titled Malfunction 7 inch.

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mcs said...

Good work scoring these so cheap. I was very stoked a few years ago when I got the one with the acetate sleeve, as it looks so rad. The one on Malfunction - I think the most common one is on solid orange vinyl. I think the black was the rare color. No idea what the gold one is, I thought the only gold one was in the Mass Grave boxset. Clearly I have no idea, but you're definitely lacking a solid orange one. I imagine it will cost you about $4 if you can find one.