Monday, March 24, 2014

I Serve... Metal

Metal seems to consume me lately. It dominates my daily playlists. My time on eBay is spent searching for original Metal pressings. I've subscribed to Iron Fist magazine, and I'm downloading tons of new and old Metal bands to check out. I'm obsessed.

I recently stopped by my local Bull Moose record store to just look around and kill some time. Walking out empty handed was an impossible mission once I started flipping through the Metal vinyl.

I really like all the Toxic Holocaust stuff, and last years Chemistry Of Consciousness LP continues Joel Grind's full on Thrash attack. It's probably not as good as 2011's killer Conjure And Command, but this is still some solid Metal. Fast, buzz-saw guitar riffs and shredded vocals from start to finish.

Sometimes I really try to track down the limited color vinyl pressing for Metal releases. However, after spending a couple of weeks on eBay looking at nothing but original black vinyl pressings from the 80's, the vinyl color didn't seem that important as I was standing in the store with the physical record in my hand.


Doug W said...

Color vinyl on metal albums is wickity wickity wack. Hard rock, doom, power metal, NWOBHM, thrash, death metal, black metal - every album looks best with glorious black vinyl.

I had a chance to pick this one up on color or black. I picked black.

Mike said...

I still love limited color vinyl for metal releases, but I'm cool with black vinyl. There was a pressing of this on neon glow in the dark vinyl, and it came with a black light poster...if I had the choice between that or the black vinyl, I would go with colored vinyl option.