Thursday, March 13, 2014

Build To Break

I love Uniform Choice's Screaming For Change, yet until it was repressed on vinyl two years ago, I hadn't made any moves to obtain one. Even now, having four copies of the repressed vinyl, I still feel no great desire to chase an original pressing. I mean, I'd like to get them someday, but I guess I've just got my eye on other prizes right now.

This time around we get two new on blue, and one on white. I guess that spending $12 for a repress is more attractive than spending a couple hundred dollars for an original, because I didn't hesitate to pick these two up.

It does bother me that there is no lyric sheet insert with these reissues. I feel like I'm being short changed. I guess if I do want one with a lyric sheet, maybe I'd better start thinking about one of those first pressings.

I actually had this post queued up to write early next week, but since Marcus posted about these records yesterday, I figured that I'd move mine to the top of the pile. The main reason being that the stickers on my copies are different than the colored vinyl stickers on the ones he received. I know...record collecting is pretty mind blowing stuff.

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mcs said...

Now I want the white and blue with alternate stickers. Taking collecting to a whole new level...