Sunday, March 02, 2014

Winds Of Change

I'm really not a big fan of compilations. I am, however, a big fan of REACT!. Therefore, I had to put my prejudices aside for their latest release, the Winds Of Change 7 inch comp.

Once again, Ev and the REACT! crew deliver. This time, they highlight six up and coming bands from today's Hardcore scene. Each one impresses me, and having really only heard Violence To Fade and Enough, I'm looking forward to what the others will bring to the table with future releases.

350 pressed on red vinyl.

All of the bands on this comp are great, but that Violence To Fade song is absolutely amazing.

150 on "smoke" colored vinyl, or more commonly known as "grey".

The packaging on this 7 inch is very well done. With the six panel spread, allowing to change the the band on the cover to whichever one you wish, and wrapped in a screen printed OBI strip, the label continues to deliver quality releases. Another job well done.

500 pressed on black vinyl.

Shortly before the regular pressings shipped, Ev posted on the REACT! Facebook that there was a test press available and hidden in their webstore. Like a bloodhound, I sniffed that bad boy out! The price was a little higher than I would have wanted to pay, but damn, with it staring me in the face, it was too much to resist, and I quickly added it to my cart and checked out.

Nice and clean look, with the white cardboard sleeve and the black and white screened OBI strip.

Number 24 of 24. Doesn't get much better than that.

Test press count for 2014 is at six.


mcs said...

Johnny Test Press strikes again!

chris said...

It's things like these that make me want to get a Facebook.

Mike said...

Do it, Chris. Fuck that Twitter shit.

Gabe NJ said...

Nice, you should also know that there are 100 copies on black vinyl with a BLUE obi strip but I think you can only get those from the bands (that's where I got mine at least). Good luck!