Sunday, March 16, 2014

...Shall Be Judged and Reissued

When I was a kid, I collected Star Wars trading cards. I blew a lot of lawn mowing money on those things. I remember walking to the corner store, picking up a few packs, chewing on the cardboard flavored gum, and flipping through them to see which new ones I could add to the collection. One of my favorite things about collecting those cards was the checklist, where you could tick off each new one you recieved in your attempt to build a complete collection.

At this point, it would be really helpful if someone could put together one of those checklists for REV reissues. Seriously. I feel like I'm so lost at this point. What have I missed? And the question has to be asked...if I missed one, would I really be fussed to track it down and buy it at this point?

I still haven't stepped up to buy a pink vinyl copy of the Burn record, so every time I buy a reissue I feel guilty and inadequate. Still, this blue vinyl looks great. 487 pressed.

In an attempt to beef up my order, I was reviewing the latest vinyl from REV and discovered that Side By Side had been pressed on grey. I have no idea when this happened, but I'll gladly take a copy. Another REV release that I'll keep buying. Limited to 547 on grey.


xtinox said...

you still have those star wars cards? it's not really vinyl related but i'd love to see a picture of them!

Mike said...

No, man. I may have ended up shooting all my Star Wars cards and action figures with my bb gun as a teen.

xtinox said...

dude, with a bb gun? as a star wars geek like me i can hardly stand that imagination, haha!

Doug W said...

I still have all my Star Wars cards, plus Empire and Jedi as well. Of course being the collector nerd I am they are all in sleeves and binders too. Good times!

Oh and you are just pissing your money away. But you knew that.

Mike said...

I was a destructive teen. I was no longer attracted to collecting Star Wars stuff, so the obvious next step was to light a firecracker under a pile of Ewoks and watch them scatter. Of course, I should have held on to them for 20 years, so I could sell them for record money.

Doug, record collecting is all about pissing your money breaking news there. :)