Sunday, March 09, 2014

Lost In Backtrack

I really enjoyed the last Backtrack album, Darker Half. It was much better than I was expecting, yet for some reason, I really wasn't all that interested in their latest release, Lost In Life.

I think the main cause of my indifference was the strong similarities between the new cover artwork, and what we saw with Darker Half. I assume that the band was looking for some consistency with the look of their albums, but for me, it just seemed boring. Because of this, I ignored the Bridge Nine preorders. No sweat. 2014 has started with a strong Metal presence on my playlists, and I figured that I could wait on the new Backtrack. I was too busy banging my head, and throwing up devil horns to be concerned about checking out this new album.

When Bridge Nine announced that they were doing a second press of Lost In Life, I finally started to pay attention. The second press was some horrible florescent green and orange color, so if I wanted the best looking vinyl of the bunch, I'd better grab the blue and white split color from the first press before it sold out.

After placing my order, I decided to check out my instant download from B9. I'm not sure why I was so surprised, but this album is amazing! It reminded me what I loved so much about Darker Half, and somehow managed to improve upon it. If you were disappointed that the new Down To Nothing record was missing that harder edge like they had on The Most, this new Backtrack album is for you.

While I was in the Bridge Nine store, I took the opportunity to pick up the newest pressing of Have Heart's The Things We Carry. Ninth pressing, and limited to 1,000 on solid yellow colored vinyl.


Willem RWHAF said...

I still haven't heard this one! That's what you get when you dislike digital. Anyway, I've read nothing but promising comments about it...

J@screamingforrecords said...

I liked the look of that second press of the backtrack record haha. It was an unusual colour. I think I ordered one.