Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 Recap

Everybody does it, why shouldn't I? 'Cause it's sick! Time for yet another End Of Year post. Let's kick this one off with some numbers on how much music I bought over this past year.

428 new records and CDs for 2012.

Holy shit. I bought a lot of music this past year. It is no exaggeration to say that shit got out of control. I would see something that I wanted, and just buy it with very little regard to how much I was spending each week. I was fucking dangerous. By the time October rolled around, I was starting to see the affect I was having on the savings account, and I applied the brakes.

I'm not going to deny it...2012 was a fucking blast when it came to record collecting. I was cranking out an average of 16 blog posts a month, and I still couldn't catch up with my backlog. Unfortunately I can't keep up that pace in buying new records, and my resolution is to enter the new year with a more conservative mindset on record spending.

With that said, let's take a look at my top 5 record purchases for the year.

1. In My Eyes 'Demo' with Lil Wayne cover - I had no idea that this existed, and when I first saw it listed on eBay, I was determined to win it at any cost.

2. Fire & Ice 'Not Of This Earth' test pressing - It is FNI. It is a test press. It has one of the coolest covers ever.

3. Mindset 'Time And Pressure' Celebrated Summer cover - The best Record Store Day release ever.

4. Rain On The Parade 'Full Speed Ahead' DC cover - I bought a bunch of ROTP vinyl this year. This one rules them all.

5. Reveal - 'Descent' yellow cover - You drink, you suck. I'm probably the only person to ever collect this band, and I don't care. Straight Edge.

2012 was huge for Hardcore. So much great new music. I had a hard time trying to narrow down the 49 new releases to only a Top 10 list.

The top 5 were relatively easy, but it was no easy choice deciding to cut Clear, OFF!, Crusades, and Losin' It.

The year didn't start out very impressive for Metal. For a few months there, I was starting to wonder if I was losing interest in the genre...and then along comes old school bands like Overkill, Testament, and Accept to remind me that there is still plenty of great Metal being played. By the end of 2012, I'm thinking that it was a much stronger year than the one before.

To end this post, we'll take a look at what I spent the most time listening to. No real surprises (with the exception of that Ceremony LP, which grew on me like crazy). If you've followed along this year, you are aware that I was obsessed with Justice, Bad Trip, Black Flag and Circle Jerks. Mix that in with some strong 2012 releases and you round out the bands that I listened to the most.

Thanks again for following along for another year. We won't top it in 2013, but I'm sure that it will stay record collecting hasn't come close to boring me yet.


mcs said...

Best end if year post on any blog. Great mix of graphs, lists and comments. Nice work!
Really surprised to see you put the BS LP at the top of your hardcore chart. Would seriously never have guessed that. I would have expected you to go for something more generic youth crew sounding. Also cool to see you put that Gypsy record in there. Never thought that would make your list.
The only mistake you made was in not back publishing this on 31 December :)

Mike said...

The funny thing is that after I had uploaded my first spreadsheet, I realized that I had made a couple of the same formatting mistakes that you gave me shit for last year. I had to correct and upload it again.

That Gypsy record consumed me. I could not get enough of it, so it's position in my Top 10 is well deserved.

I never post date my end of year post! It belongs in January of the following year!

Doug W said...

I was considering doing an end of the year Top 10 post to cover all the records I didn't bother doing a regular post on. However, after seeing this and Marcus', I decided to say fuck it. Nothing is topping this shit.
Well done.

I think I will just stick to the Vinyl Noize posts and twice a month WWBY when it moves me!

mcs said...

No, no. It belongs in 31 Dec so that when you look back in your archive, the end year review is the final post of the year. Please sort asap.

buzzkill.xvx said...

Usually I hate all those end ofnthe year lists popping up everywhere but yours is truely awesome!! Much Respect!!
But cutting back on buying records? Do you really think that's going to work? When I try that it usally lasts until my next paycheck's in :D

Across Your Face said...

This post is epic. I can't believe your tracking system for everything, fucking awesome! Do you work in data analytics by chance? Ha