Monday, January 14, 2013

Fired Up And In The Red

The last few months of 2012 were eye opening in regards to how much money I'd spent on records. When I saw the impact of my spending sprees, I quickly hit the brakes. Still...I figured that I could spring for one more Rain On The Parade record to close out the year.

2012 was a strong year for my ROTP collection, and I was able to pick up a few heavy hitters. While not on the same scale as some of those purchases, I was still pretty happy to find a copy of the Fired Up 7 inch on colored vinyl.

320 pressed on red vinyl.


mcs said...

Good one! I seriously think that you must have more ROTP records than me now.

Mike said...

What am I missing? Just the Robby Redcheeks pressing, and Full Speed Ahead with the yellow cover? That might be all...