Friday, January 04, 2013

Give Me Twelve Inches

After feeling lukewarm to Give when their first 12 inch dropped in 2009, I've latched on to the band in a big way over the past year. My current collection of 19 pieces of vinyl is proof of that. While I'm still missing many of the limited covers for the 7 inches, I'm not going to miss out on any pre-orders for the band. When Assault Records announced the Singles Going Confetti collection LP, I jumped on it.

The record itself is just a compilation of their 7 inch songs, plus one unreleased song. Still I didn't hesitate to order, and I got in soon enough to score a copy with the limited cover.

I'm pretty sure that this was just for pre-orders, and not available on their Euro tour...or maybe it was available for both.

Yellow and black swirl vinyl was used with the limited cover pressing.

Limited to 110.

Assault also pressed this on yellow vinyl, out of 160. Man, everything about that record cover looks great...the layout...the use of's a great look.

Black vinyl was limited to 260.


J@screamingforrecords said...

I've not seen that pre-order cover before. Nice score

mcs said...

Man, I am such an ass muncher. I picked up the regular yellow when I saw 'em play, but didn't want to bother with additional copies so didn't order the ltd cover version, even though it was available in the label's online store. Seeing it here, I am kicking myself. That giant flower looks great!

Doug W said...

Voodoo Leather Tape. Your collection ain't shit without the Voodoo Leather tape! You're fucking slipping dude.

buzzkill.xvx said...

I picked up my copy on their european tour so it's not exclusive to the pre-orders. Just for info ;)

yana said...

hey there! if you are interested, a copy on white vinyl is available through deranged records. i am waiting for my copy on yellow and white as well :)