Friday, December 28, 2012

The Few That Remain

Here we are...the end of the year rush, as I try and clean up the backlog of 2012 releases that have stacked up next to my turntable, before the year is done. I'm going to have to bang out a post a day until New Years if I want to get them up before my year end review.

Break Away may not be the most original name for a Hardcore band, but if you are looking for something fresh and new, feel free to go jerk off to the new Title Fight record. However, if you are looking for a band that reminds you of Right Brigade, and just punches you in the face with some Straight Edge hardcore, quit fucking around and listen to this shit.

Solid Bond Records only has a "vinyl pre order" option available to order. I'm assuming that outside of the record release version, this was only pressed on black vinyl.

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