Sunday, December 23, 2012

Supertouch Live

When it comes to Supertouch, I've always leaned towards their earlier stuff...and by that I mean only their first 7 inch. Sure I've warmed up towards their LP over recent years, and if you catch me in the right mood, I can even hang with that newest record. But man, those songs off What Did We Learn and the REV comp...that's the best.

Given that I prefer the early days of Supertouch, you'd have thought that I would have checked out their Live on WNYU set from 1988. Nope, hadn't really done that. I made an attempt back in September, when Marcus posted that he had a few extra copies that he was looking to trade or sell off. I showed some interest in buying a copy, but it fell through when I had to sink $1,000 into car repairs. With this drain on my bank account, I had to put the breaks on some of my record spending.

When I found myself at the REV25 shows in NYC this past October, Supertouch had a table set up, and they were selling copies of the Live on WNYU vinyl. The band played a great set that night, and it seemed like the perfect time to finally buy one.

Purple vinyl. Handnumbered labels out of 100.


Pim said...

Good thing you didn't pick up those extra's from Marcus, because I did ;)

Great band. Great release!

James Damion said...

One of my favorite bands from the 80's. I first caught them when they were called Death Before Dishonor and saw one of their reunions in NYC a few years back. I used to have their radio shows on tape and have really debated whether to pick this up. The debate still rages.