Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Clear Case Of Prisoner Abuse

Earlier this year I finally picked up a copy of the Mongrel record from Think I Care. I hadn't really paid the band much attention over the years, but for some reason things just started to click, and I couldn't get enough of them.

As if on queue, Painkiller recently announce that they are releasing an album from a band called Prisoner Abuse, which happens to feature members of Think I Care and No Tolerance. Goddamn right. I typically like to check out new bands before I buy something from them, but for this one, I took a chance and bought the LP blindly.

My impulse buy pays off, because this record is Hardcore perfection. Brutal, uncompromising, and sounding like Think I Care's twin brother.

100 on clear vinyl.


Across Your Face said...

I've been kicking myself for not getting this on clear. I didn't even know what this shit was until it was too late. I really screwed the pooch on this one :( FANTASTIC record!!!

mcs said...

I'm not sure this record looks right on clear vinyl. I mean, did X-Claim ponce about with color vinyl? No, of course not. Why not? Well clearly it looks gay as hell.

In order to save you from potential embarrassment, and as a special one-off favour, I would be willing to exchange this copy for a more manly black vinyl copy.

Mike said...

Sure thing. Next time you are in the neighborhood, stop in and we can trade!

Across Your Face said...

Damn, Marcus comment almost made me spit my coffee onto my laptop. Hahaha.