Thursday, December 27, 2012

Keep It In The Family

A few years ago, when I picked up a colored vinyl copy of Th' Inbred's A Family Affair LP, I raved endlessly about how much I loved that band. The post probably went largely unnoticed back then, so I'll resist the urge to repeat myself here. If you are interested, you can go back and check it out, and if you aren't, feel free to move on.

Back in 2009, Alternative Tentacles decided that the discography for Th' Inbred needed to see the light of day. The band is probably a good fit for the label, considering the similarities between them and the Dead Kennedys. I was pretty happy for another chance to spread the word about how much I love this band...but given the quantity that were being pressed, I didn't rush out to buy it. Seeing the vinyl in the bin at Generation Records was the push that I needed to finally grab a copy.

With two LPs and a 7 inch to make up the discography, the vinyl pressing had to be split into two albums. They were packaged separately as Volume One and Volume Two...with each one pressed in quantities of 1,000 for colored vinyl.

Volume One contains the Reproduction 7 inch and the Family Affair LP on red wax.

Volume Two contains the Kissin' Cousins LP and three unreleased songs on blue vinyl.

25 years later, this stuff is still as relevant and as vital sounding. A true classic.

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