Friday, December 21, 2012

Stalag 13

It has always been an internal struggle for me...should I search and buy the original pressing for vinyl, or do I take the nice new option with a recent repress? I've spent more than my share of cash on Back on Black vinyl and Bridge Nine reissues, and at this point, I'm starting to feel burnt out on them. More and more, I'm feeling the pull towards eBay to check out those old Metal albums on vinyl, and stop bothering with the recent flood of new colored vinyl and picture disc reissues. While this is the direction that I want to go in, sometimes I can't resist the call of immediate gratification, and grab that repress that is in the rack in front of me at the record store.

Such is the tale of buying the Stalag 13 LP. I think I first downloaded the songs on this album around 2004, and while I've wanted a physical copy of it since then, I obviously haven't put forth much effort in my search. While flipping through the stacks of vinyl at Generation Records in NYC, I saw a copy. There it was in my hands. No searching for an online seller, or checking around for the best price. It was an easy shortcut to finally owning the vinyl, and I took it. Repress be damned.

Originally released in 1984, this copy is the newer 2010 repressing. While this pressing also saw red and gold vinyl, my copy is on black vinyl. Yawn.


Across Your Face said...

fyi rival mob pre orders up at rev.

Willem RWHAF said...

I have an Italian pressing of this one...