Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Powered By Judah and Justice

Since I've been doing this blog, I find that every once in a while, someone will reach out to me with an offer to buy some of their records. Chances are, they read one of my posts, and will fire off an email looking to sell a record or two and help build my collection. I don't know why, but I very rarely take people up on these offers. When I received and email from Geert, who used to help run Powered Records, the offer was too good to walk away from.

With Geert's first email, he offered a couple different variations on the Euro tour press for the Lion Of Judah album that I posted about back in July. I had the green cover, but apparently the tour press was also available with red and yellow covers as well. Geert's price was very reasonable, and less than what I'd paid for the green cover, so I took the opportunity to buy the LP with the red cover. While the tour press was limited to 300, it would seem that the red, green and yellow covers are limited to 100 each.

Knowing that I was looking to build my LOJ collection, Geert also offered me a Powered pre-order copy of the Universal Peace LP.

Splatter colored vinyl rarely looks good. Just don't do it.

Number 3 of 75 for pre-orders.

As a bonus record, Geert also threw in what looked like a test press for the Lion Of Judah LP. No cover, white labels...yeah, it looked like a test to me. Turns out it was left over vinyl from the tour pressing. After doing the 300 tour covers, there were a few pieces of vinyl left over that Powered didn't do any thing with. Now I've got a copy on my shelf. Very nice.

While exchanging emails, I also mentioned that I couldn't get enough of Justice right now, and if he had any extra vinyl hanging around for the Powered releases, I'd gladly take them.

This was my first Powered pressing of the Escapades LP, and I was really impressed with the thick lyric booklet that they did for this. Geert listed this one as clear blue vinyl, which was limited to 250. I'm assuming that all the clear blue vinyl had this marbled pressing, but I'm loving the colors on this copy.

Escapades was a split release with Powered and Reflections Records. Of course this copy was from Powered, so it had the Powered stamp on the dust sleeve.

In addition to the Escapades LP, I also grabbed a copy of the Live and Learn 12 inch EP. Uggg...more splatter vinyl. Gross. This one is from the regular press, so there is no pre-order stamp. Limited to 240.

More emails were exchanged, and my total continued to grow. This time it was for the Loud and Clear LP. I love this record, and when Geert offered up a clear vinyl pressing, I just couldn't say no.

Limited to 100 on clear vinyl.

These were all pressed for the Light The Fuse fest. Hand stamped and numbered dust sleeves. I do love those low numbers.

Geert now runs Control Records, and as if I hadn't already spent enough money, I decided to also pick up the second pressing of the Tremors 7 inch that Control had stocked in their webstore. The second pressing comes with a new cover and is limited to 150 copies.

This 7 inch is brutal. Full of distortion and anger. Since the Euro press has one song that was left off the US pressing, I'm glad to own a copy of this.

There it all is. What stemmed from an offer for a couple of Lion of Judah records quickly grew. It was more money than I should have spent, but I was glad for the opportunity to fill some holes in the collection. Thanks, Geert.


mcs said...

I got excited when I saw the pic of the black vinyl with blank labels, thinking you had scored a test press. I was then very disappointed to learn that you hadn't. I imagine the excitement and subsequent disappointment that you felt was ten times greater. Still, good number of variants there. Your LOJ, Justice & Loud & Clear collections are probably larger than mine at this point.

Across Your Face said...

Very jealous of that Loud and Clear and Tremors releases. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for splatter vinyl, but these splatters do look a bit weak.