Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Speed Metal Freaks

I've been looking to pick up some Rigor Mortis vinyl for a couple years now. I listened to the self titled album a lot last year, and despite having my eye open for a copy, it just never happened. Either they were priced way too high, or it wasn't in the condition that I was looking for...either way, I just couldn't get it done. When I was picking up the Meliah Rage record, and I noticed that the seller had a copy of the Freaks EP, I quickly added it the cart. I've been listening to a lot of thrash this year, and didn't want to fuck around anymore. Just give me the goddamn record.
While it only has five songs, Freaks is every bit the classic that the self titled Rigor Mortis album is. Cattle Mutilation, Chained In The Attic, Worms Of The Earth, the title track... this record rages from start to finish. Top things off with that amazing album cover, and this EP is perfect.
Honestly, I'm pretty damn excited to add this record to my collection.

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