Saturday, November 27, 2021

Struck Nerve

We are a few days short of the one year anniversary for when Youngblood Records started preorders for their latest release, the Rattle The Cage 12 inch from Struck Nerve. I'm used to Youngblood preorders taking a long time, and I've got more patience than most, but this one seemed to take longer than usual and I was starting to question if they were ever going to ship. The label posted on Instagram back in July that records were starting to go out, and after three more months I finaly broke down and dropped them a line asking what was up. I got a quick response that it would ship soon, and a few weeks later it finally arrived.
When preorders opened up last November, I remember not being too impressed with what I'd heard from Struck Nerve, but it was Youngblood so I ordered a copy anyway. I mean, what I'd heard wasn't bad, it just didn't immediately knock me on my ass. Where I usually buy multiple copies from Youngblood releases, this time I just bought the one record and hoped it would grow on me.
As expected, I liked this Struck Nerve record more and more with each spin. Had this record actually arrived in 2020, there is a very good chance it would have made my Top 10 list for the year. Solid aggressive straight edge hardcore. You can always count on Youngblood to deliver... even if that delivery seems to take forever.

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