Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Taking You Down With Me

Back when I was posting about my Armageddon 7 inch haul earlier this year, it reminded me of some of those thrashy hardcore bands of the early 2000's. I'd picked up a couple of Dead Nation records, and it got me spinning some stuff from that time period that I hadn't thought about for years. Bands like Down In Flames, Dead Stop, Cut The Shit, and off course Tear It Up.

When I was picking up the Social Circkle album from a Discogs seller, I was browsing through what else they had available. As soon as I saw they had the final Tear It Up record as well, I was quickly adding it to my cart.

To be honest, I'd never heard the Taking You Down With Me EP. For one reason or another, I never picked it up back when it was released in 2003, so here I am seventeen years later giving it a spin for the first time. I'm struggling to comprehend how that much time has passed, but besides that, it is really cool to dive into these songs as something new to me in 2020.

500 pressed on red vinyl, and a damn solid record to pick up for only $6.

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