Friday, February 01, 2019

Bad Boy Boogie

I've slowly been adding some Australian first pressings for AC/DC to the collection. The thing that really attracted me to them was how different those original covers were, compared to what I was familiar with here in the US...especially for those early Bon Scott records. I've been so excited over chasing those original Albert pressings that I've been overlooking the fact that I obviously need the US pressings in my collection as well.

Last year, I picked up a copy of the Australian pressing of Let There Be Rock, and I loved that black and white layout for the gatefold album cover...but it felt incomplete without the original US pressing to sit beside it. I'd searched eBay a few times, looking to get my hands on that US press, but either the record covers were beat to hell with ring wear, or the prices were way more than I wanted to pay. When I found a great looking copy in the used bin at my local record store, I jumped to buy it.

I love this album, and definitely need more AC/DC records in my life.

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