Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Limited Drug

Last year, I picked up the Miracle Drug EP for How Much Is Enough, and while I really liked that record, it still didn't entice me to go back and pick up the vinyl release for their 2015 demo. That's not a knock on it, I've just got more exciting records to chase.

When Marcus gave me a heads up that the label had a limited cover version available in their store, it seemed like the right time to finally grab one.

Seems that Trip Machine Labs did a second pressing of the Miracle Drug demo on gold vinyl, and then decided to print up some special covers for 25 of them.

Hand numbered on the back cover and the dust sleeve.

This is a cool little record. I'm not sure if I would have ever bought a copy, had this extremely limited cover not been there to grab my interest, but I'm glad to have one in my collection.

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