Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Worst Test Press Post Ever

My attempt to follow in Marcus' footsteps for the Test Press Challenge, and ending the year with 52 test pressings, has always been a joke. Still, I have managed to pick up a fair amount this year, and while I really have no hope of getting to the end goal, I did get a bit of Test Press Fever. After scoring my sixth test last month, with the Winds Of Change comp, I found myself on the hunt for another. When I saw a chance to grab a cheap test from the Nemesis Records catalog, I quickly threw in my winning bid.

While a $5 test press from Nemesis might sound like a great deal, it really isn't that impressive when the band is Fishwife. Honestly, I'd never heard this band before, but since it was on Nemesis, I figured that I'd roll the dice and take the chance. Terrible idea. Nemesis, what were you thinking?

Test press count for 2014 is now at seven.


mcs said...

I once bought the regular version of this 7" for the exact same reason - because it was on Nemesis Records. I think I played it once then sold it again.

Your test press pace seems to have slowed. You're never going to make the 52 at this rate. Get on with it!

geoff said...

i would like to say that this is the best entry you have made so. made me laugh. such a terrible record. havent listened to it in decades, and dont plan to either.

it is a test press though, and thats pretty cool.