Monday, April 28, 2014

Worn Thin And Cheap

Last month I won a few Worn Thin records and was feeling pretty good about my 7 inch collection for the band. I really wasn't sure what I was missing for these 7 inches, and Marcus was good enough to point out that I needed a solid orange copy of the first record. Not only did he provide this information, but he also followed it up a week or so later with a link for an eBay auction for this very piece of vinyl that I needed.

The thing was, I'd just dropped a huge chunk of change on a UK Vertigo swirl pressing for Sabbath's Paranoid album. The wallet was feeling thin, and I'd vowed to stay away from eBay for a while...but then Marcus said that the record probably would top out at $5.00. While he didn't say it outright, I could tell from the tone of his email that he was basically calling me a pussy if I didn't buy this. Not to have my manhood challenged, I stepped up and won the record for a dollar. Saved face, and got a great record at a sweet price. Win/win.

Time to focus on the Worn Thin 12 inch, and work to complete this collection.


geoff said...

you gotta keep clear of that marcus character. hes a bad influence on your wallet. the type of guy who you were told to stay away from!

mcs said...

Hang on a second... I advise you to grab a bargain, whereas you blow your wad on a BS record, and somehow I'm the bad guy?