Monday, April 21, 2014

Sacrificed For Saxon

One of the tools that has been feeding my Metal appetite is my discovery of Iron Fist. This UK Metal mag quickly sucked me in, seduced me into signing up for a subscription, and had me on the hunt for back issues shortly after checking out my first issue.

Issue number three featured Saxon on the front cover. The black, white and red Saxon logo with Biff rocking the mic...I love the look and feel of it. Soon I was jamming those early albums on my ipod and dreaming of adding original UK Carrere vinyl pressings to my record collection.

While checking Saxon vinyl on eBay, I stumbled across a listing of the new album with a $10 Buy It Now price tag. The last few Saxon albums have been great, and at this price, I didn't hesitate to finally pick up the newest one, Sacrifice.

I wasn't thrilled that the album was only pressed as a picture disc for the vinyl release, but I wasn't going to let something like that stop me from buying a copy.

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Doug W said...

You would be surprised at how cheap you can get original Carrere pressings of the first five Saxon albums on Discogs. I got Strong Arm of the Law for $1.00. Get on it.
I was pleasantly surprised that Iron Fist is available locally at one of the local record stores. You are right, the mag rules.