Thursday, April 10, 2014

Survival Of The Splittest

A month or so ago, Lins posted a picture of an Outspoken 7 inch on instagram. What was this? A pressing of Survival on a transparent clear and orange split vinyl? Damn! I'd never seen that before!

I figured that the New Age Records webstore would be a good place to grab one, but it seems like that entire site has been taken down. It never occurred to me to ask Lins where he might have gotten it, and instead I set out in a panic, desperate to find myself a copy. Not too long into my search, I was in the Irish Voodoo webstore, pulling some pressing info for my latest Done Dying post, and that's when I saw it...that mysterious clear/orange split pressing. It was listed that there was only one copy left in stock, so I scooped it up.

Irish Voodoo had it listed as a special pressing for Outspoken's European tour. Good lord, is this band still out touring without John Coyle?

I recently found out that this record is also available in the Outspoken bigcartel store, so go grab one there if you haven't done so yet.


Anonymous said...

what is your name on instagram? me it's partuccimichel if you want to follow me i have post a lot of vinyl hard core.straight edge and i follow lins too.

Mike said...

Yo, I follow you currently. I'm RECORDXNERD.