Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No More Second Chances

Without a doubt, I've been in a Metal mood lately. Doom, Thrash, Rock...old has consumed me, and it is all I've been listening to. I've made no time for Hardcore recently. I still loved it. I just wasn't interested in listening to it. Today that all changed.

I have a rule with this blog...I've got to listen to the vinyl before I write up my post. Regardless of my Metal mood, I dropped the needle to my new Stick Together LP and started to brainstorm on what I would write about. As soon as the record starts playing, I'm reminded why I love this style of music so much. The power, the energy, the lyrics, no bullshit...Straight Edge Hardcore is the real deal. Suddenly, all that Metal that I'd been obsessing about was pushed aside as I queued up bands like Turning Point, Unbroken, True Colors, and even some G.B.H.. Oh man, I have missed this stuff, and didn't even realize it. Welcome back.

There isn't really anything new with No More Second Chances from Triple B. Okay, so there is a Cold World cover, but this is basically just both of the Stick Together 7 inches combined to the LP format. Solid.

300 on green vinyl, and 700 on black.

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