Monday, March 27, 2023

Rattle The Record Release

When I first bought the Struck Nerve record from Youngblood, I didn't think that I needed multiple copies of it, and I only ordered the red vinyl version. The record really grew on me once it arrived and I started to give it regular spins. When I had the opportunity to grab a copy with the special This Is Hardcore 2022 cover, I jumped on it because it seemed too good to pass up. Having two copies of Rattle The Cage just made me want to get more, and when the record release version popped up on Discogs at a fair price, I quickly added that one to my collection as well.
The record release cover uses the simple red and white variation on the art, and I like the look. I wish there was some note regarding the date and place of the record release show, but oh well, I guess it really isn't that important.
The record is numbered out of 50.
Now I have three copies of this thing, and I'm not sure what more I should do. I guess it would be nice to grab the clear vinyl pressing, but do I try to get a white vinyl with the regular cover as well? I suppose that if they came along at the right price, anything is possible.

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