Sunday, December 04, 2022

Wrong War II

I was surprised with the Wrong War record last year. The band features the singer from the old 90's band Current, and while I didn't expect much from his new band, I was immediately set straight. This wasn't any lightweight indie shit. Wrong War are a full on hardcore punk band that still manages to carry a level of anger and angst that rivals those old 90's Ebullition days. As an old angry dude myself, I really appreciate when people from back in the day can still deliver that level of discontent with something new.
With their second album, Once Upon A Weapon, Wrong War still tears it up with some old school hardcore vibes in the vein of Articles Of Faith, while Matt Weeks voice still has echoes of those old Current records. Smart lyrics and fast hardcore. Try and keep up.
I was surprised with how heavy this record feels in my hand. I'm not sure where the vinyl was pressed, but this is a thick slab of wax. Limited to 250 on "sand" colored vinyl.

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