Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Purple Rapture

I was pretty impressed with the new Deep Purple album last year, and while I hadn't paid much attention to the Steve Morse era of the band, Whoosh! sparked an interest for me to dig into those overlooked albums form the past 25 years. Granted, the newer stuff doesn't touch the Deep Purple records from the 70's, but for a straight up rock record, what I've heard has been surprisingly good. I still have a few more Morse albums to check out, but I was happy to add Infinite to the collection, and now I'm grabbing a copy of Rapture Of The Deep.
Rapture Of The Deep was originally released back in 2005, and when it was released I was just starting to discover Deep Purple so I bought the CD. It was okay, but it paled in comparison to those 70's albums that I was discovering so for the most part it just ended up getting stuck on a shelf. Someone on Instagram recently posted about a 2021 reissue of the album and was raving about how great the vinyl sounded...I ended up getting caught up in the excitement and I quickly tracked down a copy.
I'm not sure how much better the sound of this record is...this was originally supposed to be a remix of the album, but in my casual listen I don't really notice any huge difference to the original CD that I own. Either way, this is an enjoyable record and I've been happy revisiting it.
One of the things that initially drew me to pick up this reissue is the purple and white colorway for the album cover. It is a different look than my original CD, and I really like the way it looks next to the white vinyl.

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