Monday, August 02, 2021

Eye Of A Japanese Hurricane

When I was recently picking up a record from the No Remorse distro out of Greece, I knew that I was going to get hit with overseas shipping fees... so to make me feel better about it, I decided to add one more record to the cart. To my surprise, No Remorse didn't only stock new releases, and I was happy to pick up an older original pressing that I found in their store.
Loudness released Hurricane Eyes in 1987. It was a straight forward metal album, but at the time I wanted my metal to thrash, so I didn't pay too much attention to it. My friend, Bill, on the other hand loved the album, and I remember on one occassion going over to his house to play Bard's Tale on his computer and he dropped the Hurricane Eyes cassette into the tape deck and let the first track rip. While I don't remember much about the album from that time, but I'll never forget being blown away by the speed metal attack of S.D.I.. That song was killer. When I saw that No Remorse had a copy of the record available, I decided to revisit it some 30+ years later.
While the 17 year old version of me wouldn't have been too impressed with Hurricane Eyes when it was released, this album has been a blast to discover recently. I've wanted to collect Japanese pressings for the early Loudness records, but I've always ended up going with a cheap US pressing instead. It feels good to finally have a record from the homeland of Loudness.

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