Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Salt The Wound

As I was preparing to write this post, I was thinking about when Exodus released their last album, and in my mind it was only a few years ago. When I checked for the actual release date, I was floored to discover that Blood In Blood Out came out in 2014...almost seven fucking years ago! Damn. Where does the time go? And an even better question, why are they releasing a single from that album after so much time has passed?
This was totally an impulse buy. I was doing the #febmetalpunk challenge over on Instagram, and as I was posting nothing but 80's metal records, it had me in a metal state of mind...I saw this shaped picture disk single in the Nuclear Blast shop as I was struggling to come up with something for the "unique packaging" category and without thinking, I simply added it to my cart and checked out. There is nothing new offered here, other than it is just a cool collectible.
I really liked Blood In Blood Out from Exodus when it was released, but honestly, it has been a good five years since I've listened to it. Hearing the two songs on this single serve as a nice reminder for how good that album was, and I'm already reaching for my copy to give it a spin and revisit it.
It is basically a law that special edition metal records have to be limited to 666.


mcs said...

Pretty cool that you got number 5^7

Mike said...

Ha! I have a bunch of numbered records from Europe and they always write the "1" like this. So weird.