Saturday, May 04, 2013

Orchid In Full Bloom

Orchid have a new album coming out this year, and as this post will clearly show, I'm kind of excited for it.

A year ago, I picked up the first two Orchid records, Capricorn and Through The Devil's Doorway, on vinyl. I quickly ordered as soon as they were available from Nuclear Blast, only to find that I should have waited and ordered the colored vinyl direct from the label, Church Within Records. The problem was that these records were only pressed overseas, and after spending the money on the black vinyl, I couldn't justify buying them again on colored vinyl...until now. As my excitement and anticipation grew over Orchid's upcoming 2103 release, I found that my desire had finally overshadowed any money concerns, and I decided to spring for the colored vinyl.

I was thankful that the label still had the first press on red vinyl available. Limited to 200.

Much to my surprise, the label had a second pressing available as well, with two new options for colored vinyl. Suddenly, I realized that this endeavor was going to get more expensive than I had initially thought. I was committed though, and ordered all three colors.

I'm not typically a fan of splatter vinyl, but I find that this black and white pattern looks really good. Limited to 300.

The third color option available was listed as "red white and blue". I was disappointed when this color did not arrive with my order, and instead the label sent me two copies of the black and white splatter vinyl. I emailed the label and they said that they would be willing to offer me a discount if I wanted to order another copy. Instead, I quickly sold my copy on ebay, and found that there was a U.S. distributor,, that had it in stock, so I ordered it from them instead.

I was hoping for a cool red, white and blue pattern like the Bridge Nine pressing of Agnostic Front's Live At CBGB album. Instead we get a mix of red, white and blue, which makes purple. Limited to 200.

With my original order, only the original first press of Through The Devil's Doorway was available. After I received my order, and was working through the issues with the label on the duplicate black and white splatter of Capricorn, I noticed that they had put up two more colored vinyl options in their store. Yup, I'm going to need those as well. I'll skip the overseas shipping this time around though, and just grab them through

First pressing on white vinyl. Limited to 200.

Clear orange/gold vinyl is part of the second pressing.

Lastly, we have the clear vinyl with red pressing...also part of the second pressing.

So while I don't typically buy multiple copies of records from Metal bands, there has been something about Orchid that has captured my attention and I haven't been able to resist the call to collect their vinyl. Much more to come very soon.

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J@screamingforrecords said...

I've checked out this band recently. Very good stuff. That black with white splatter vinyl looks ace too