Thursday, May 30, 2013

Free Admission To The Gates Of Slumber

While on my Doom Metal kick earlier this year, I found myself continually reaching for The Gates Of Slumber. I love an underdog, and TGOS don't seem to get the love that the other Rise Above bands get. Hell, the Die Hard pressing of The Wretch, from 2011, is still available in the Rise Above store. Meanwhile, Die Hard pressings for other bands sell out within minutes. I'm not sure why The Gates Of Slumber get ignored...maybe it's because they are from the States, and you have to be from Europe to get love in the Doom Metal circles. I don't know. Either way, their new five song EP has been at the top of my playlist for the past few months.

One of the coolest things about the Stormcrow EP is that it is completely free. You can download it for with the purchase of a tshirt or hat, the band will send you the CD or vinyl as a free bonus. It's a pretty sweet deal.

Of course there is a price to be paid in the end, and that comes in the form of the shitty looking "Scion AV Presents" at the top of the front cover artwork. Such a shame, because that logo really detracts from the cover art.

Like all of The Gates of Slumber stuff, I wasn't too excited with the songs with the first couple of listens, but this grew on me something fierce. Pure Doom perfection.

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J@screamingforrecords said...

Guilty! I've never even noticed this band as part of the rise above roster. Will have to check them out!