Saturday, June 01, 2013

Abra Kadavar

2013 has been a huge year for Metal so far. I already had strong Top 5 list for this year, and then Kadavar come along with their Abra Kadavar LP and force me find a place for them as well.

No big change in style from their impressive self-titled 12 inch from last year, as they keep cranking out great 70's inspired Rock in the same vein as Witchcraft and Graveyard.

I placed my order a little late, and missed out on the first pressing from Nuclear Blast. No big deal. I was content with the second pressing on "copper" colored vinyl.

Nuclear Blast has some cool new stickers showing the color of the vinyl and the number pressed. This one is numbered 75 out of 250.


J@screamingforrecords said...

I've been listening to these recently. One of the better bands doing this kinda thing for me!

mcs said...

"I was content with the second pressing on "copper" colored vinyl"

Excuse me for doubting your words, sir, but personally I'm not convinced that this feeling of contentment will last.

Mike said...

The beards on the cover may be epic, but I have no desire to purchase one of these.